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We are happy to announce that the Canadian Welding Association (CWA) has appointed Tredd Insurance Brokers Inc. as their exclusive insurance broker.

As we celebrate our welding insurance program`s 25th anniversary this year and look back at its growth in the last several decades, we are proud that an insurance program designed by welders for welders is recognized by the members of the welding industry.

We have developed our exlusive program in a way that our clients receive the most from their coverage. Through our partnership, members of the CWA now will have access to a comprehensive insurance portfolio tailored to actually meet their needs; from protecting their personal assets to insuring their business needs, present and future.

Please visit our website at to learn about our program and to register for a free consultation. If you want to find out more about the CWA and the further benefits of their membership, please go to their website at

July 4, 2016
Insuring Success Calgary | Toronto
Ron Trecroce
Tredd Group of Companies