Ontario Automobile
Insurance Policy

Effective June 1st, the Government of Ontario has introduced changes to the Ontario Automobile Insurance Policy (OAP 1) to provide you, the consumer, with more choice while also ensuring more affordably priced products. If you’ve renewed your policy prior to June 1st, all coverage will remain as bound until policy expiration. Only policies bound on or after June 1st will be affected by these changes. The alterations to the standard auto policy are with respect to Section 4 and Section 7 of your Ontario Automobile Policy (OAP1).
[Section 4: Statutory Accident Benefits] Since some benefits were reduced, you may want to review the below chart to see what has changed, as the new policies will not offer the same coverage you previously had access to. However, the options available to your policy have improved, allowing more customized coverage that meet your specific needs. [Section 7: Loss of or Damage to your Automobile] The change is with respect to your comprehensive deductible. Ontario has increased the minimum deductible available for purchase from $300  $500. We encourage our consumers to review their deductible chosen and ensure it is an amount they’re confident they can take on, in the event of a loss. Always keep in mind, a higher deductible = lower premium.