The New Face
Of Excellence
In Calgary

The new face of insurance broker excellence in Calgary: Tredd Insurance Brokers Inc.

In March 2013, Tredd Insurance Brokers Ltd. purchased BKI Risk Management. The combination of the two firms represented a significant strengthening of Tredd’s Alberta presence, building on its earlier purchase of H.E. Hunt & Associates in August 2012 and the establishment of Tredd’s first Calgary office in 2010.

On March 10, 2014, all three firms officially came together under a single banner – Tredd Insurance Brokers Inc. – and consolidated their Calgary offices in one location. Tredd’s head office remains in Toronto, where the firm was established in 2009.

With a new name and a much larger presence, our clients and insurance industry stakeholders have had a number of questions about the new Tredd. Here are answers to some of the key questions we’ve had about our company over the past few months.

Q. How did Tredd begin?
Tredd was formed in 2009 when insurance brokers Ron Trecroce and Ian Eddy founded a new insurance broker.

Ron and Ian had started their insurance careers in the early 1980’s, and went on to own and successfully grow Hargraft Wood Fleming Insurance Brokers into one of the largest independently owned commercial and industrial insurance brokerage’s in Canada.

When they left Hargraft in 2008, they had an opportunity to create their own boutique brokerage. The new firm employed a group of exceptional people who brought a style of work, level of creative thinking, and set of firm values that were unique in the brokerage world. These values – delivering tailored insurance solutions, providing the highest level of service, and working tirelessly to deliver the best pricing – remain at the core of our firm today.

Q. Why did Tredd choose to expand into Alberta?
From our inception, we had a number of major Alberta-based clients and considerable expertise in the oil and gas industry. That’s why we established a Calgary subsidiary, TreddWest, soon after the firm was established. Our recent acquisitions are a natural extension of where our business was heading and where our expertise lies.

Q. Why the BKI and H.E. Hunt mergers?
Both firms had long histories of service excellence – more than 30 years with BKI and more than 60 years with H. E. Hunt – and had great credibility in the market. In addition, both firms had niches that complimented our existing business and were founded on a strong tradition of being truly independent brokers. From a service values perspective, both were a great fit.

Q. Will anything change for clients?
Day-to-day, there is no change for our clients other than the name of our company. Our clients have continuity in their broker relationship and will continue to benefit from the same expertise and professionalism that brought them to the firm – or one of our legacy firms – in the first place.

Q. Are there any future benefits for clients?
The most significant benefit for our clients is the expansion of our scale and expertise. We can now draw on the experience of 36 people serving clients across the country. It means that there are very few situations, coverage needs, or products that we haven’t dealt with in the past – and that kind of depth really adds value. In addition, our clients now have access to the carefully selected insurer relationships of our three legacy firms combined, which means a greater choice in insurance solutions.

Q. Tredd was founded in Toronto. How committed is it to Alberta and Western Canada?
Very committed. Our Alberta presence is now larger than our original Toronto office, and one of our cofounders – Ian Eddy – moved to Alberta in 2012 to provide an on-the-ground management presence. This has always been a key region for our firm. And with the bringing together of three firms into one in Western Canada, it’s now even more so.

Q. What type of insurance needs does the firm serve?
We serve a broad range of needs in a broad range of areas. With offices in both Eastern and Western Canada, we truly have a national presence, with established connections with insurance intermediaries and correspondents throughout the world. Our clients conduct operations in nearly every corner of the globe, including South America, Africa, the Middle East, Russia, Southeast Asia, Mexico, the United States, and of course throughout Canada.

In terms of the industries we serve, we act as brokers to all aspects of the energy sector (domestic and international, on or off-shore), construction, and manufacturing. Our coverages include Directors & Officers, Errors & Omissions, Boiler & Machinery, Environmental Property, Transportation, General Liability, Workers Compensation, Inland Marine, Aviation, Bonding and much more. In addition, our Executive Services department offers personal lines of insurance, focused on the personal needs of our commercial clients.