Tredd Merges
With BKI

March 20th, 2013

The Tredd group of companies is excited to announce that effective march 20, 2013, we have successfully negotiated a merger with The BKI Group of Companies, Brian Kane Insurance Agencies Ltd and BKI Financial Strategies Ltd.

The merger follows the recent acquisition of H.E. Hunt and Associates and the Mayfair Group of Companies in Calgary Alberta. This strategic move will allow the Tredd Group of Companies to strengthen its position as a dominant player in the oil and gas field, enable our collective work force to “drive excellence” and provide a value proposition to our existing and future clients that will be unparalleled in the Alberta insurance marketplace.

In the last 10 years the lines between insurers and independent brokers have become increasingly blurred. The Tredd Group maintains its mandate as an independent broker solely representing and protectin gthe interests of its loyal clientele.

We will continue out growth objective to support and provide competitive advantage for our clients.

Ron Trecroce
The Tredd Group of Companies